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Utility Business Messaging Through SMS

SMS utilities solutions can be used across the energy and utilities sector to automate processes related to workflow and also to enhance consumer satisfaction. Often utility bills are the dreaded payments customers begrudge, so when you make the process as easy as possible for clients, they will be more inclined to make payment on time.

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Use utility text messaging to send bill reminders and get paid on time.

Hey Donna, this is a friendly reminder to pay $150 for account 234678 by 12/02. Visit to pay by credit card. Kind regards,

Energy Supply Co.

Hi Graham, owner of 388 Main St has confirmed presence of a dog and has requested reschedule of meter reading for next week.
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Get in touch with contractors to provide valuable information quickly and easily.

Provide valuable tips for your clients, no matter which utilities service you provide.

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Hi Ella, we noticed your water bill was higher than usual last month. Here are some tips for saving on your water bill

Kind regards, Water Co.

There is no simpler or more economical mode of communication between customers, employees, and contractors. Water, electricity, gas, solar, internet, transportation and telecommunications providers can all use an SMS messaging service to the benefit of their business and their customer base.

Benefits Of Text Messaging for Utility Companies

Utility companies use SMS text messaging to provide a better, and more cost effective, customer experience resulting in greater customer satisfaction at less cost. SMS is also a great tool for improving internal efficiencies and for maximising the number of on-time payments.

Example of sending SMS energy bill reminders

Send payment and renewal reminders instantly and automatically

With ClickSend integrated into your CRM you can automatically send payment and renewal reminders in a format that actually gets read. SMS has open rates as high as 98%. And payment 'nudge' text messages have been proven to increase on-time payments.

Incredible return on investment (ROI)

SMS for utility companies is a cheap but extremely targeted means of marketing and communicating. Sending personalised messages to customers in a format they respond to will lead to better engagement and increased sales.

Improve customer service.

SMS customer service is a quick and cost-effective way to assist clients. Two-way text messaging is also the preferred communication channel for customers.

SMS is perfect for utility companies to send everything from appointment reminders to outage notifications. It’s fast, powerful, and incredibly simple with the ClickSend platform.

  • Bill payment by SMS; link your payment platform in your SMS payment reminder.

  • Service interruptions; keep your customers informed - and happy.

  • Customer service; people respond well to the option of engaging with their utility provider by SMS.

  • Appointment reminders; use two-way SMS and give customers a convenient way to confirm, cancel, reschedule.

Get Paid On Time with Template SMS Messages for Utilities

Use text messaging for utility companies to reduce overdue payments and time spent chasing bills. Send text messages when a bill is generated, just before it falls due and, if needed, when it becomes overdue.

Hi {first name}, the {service} bill for account {account number} has been emailed to you. Prompt payment is appreciated. Kind regards, [company name].

1. Send a text message when a bill is generated.

Hi {first name}, your {service} bill is due in [number of days] days. Please pay by {date} to avoid late fees. Kind regards, [company].

2. Send a reminder a few days before the bill is due.

Hi {first name}, your account for {amount} is now overdue. We would appreciate prompt payment. If you have any issues making payment, please reply HELP for a customer service representative to reach out. Kind regards, [company].

3. Send messages if an account becomes overdue.

More Useful Text Message for Utility Services Templates

Keep staff, contractors and customers in the loop, no matter where they are, with these message templates.

SMS Alert for Service to be Connected

Hi {first name}, it's [company] here. Just a quick heads up that [staff name] will be connecting [service] at {time, date}. Please ensure someone is home to let them in. [Company].

Text Message Alerts for Outages

Hi {first name}, we are having scheduled maintenance on [date] between [timeslot]. At this time, [service] may be unavailable. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused and will work to minimise disruption. Kind regards, [company].

SMS Helpful Tips and Hints

Hi {first name}, we noticed your [service] bill was unusually high. Here are some useful hints for saving money on your [service] bill: [link]. If you'd like to chat with one of our friendly support agents, reply to this message. [Company].

Text Message Alerts For Rosters and Staffing

Hi {first name}, the roster for next week is published and available at [link]. Please ensure you check your shifts and let me know if you are unable to attend any of your rostered shifts. Kind regards, [supervisor].

There is no more cost effective, non-intrusive way to communicate than via SMS text messaging. Connect with people when they are at home, at the office or on the move; given most people have a mobile handset and utility SMS messaging requires no extra application to send and receive messages.

Communicate your message succinctly and rapidly through text messaging, on the channel that many people prefer.

Utility Communications Solved with ClickSend

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