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SMS Alerts and Notifications

Use an SMS Alerts System (SMS Notification System) to get your message out to a large number of people instantly for convenience, welfare, and safety.

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Send Timely Alerts and Notifications with the ClickSend SMS Gateway

When life is unpredictable, don't leave your customers, staff or suppliers in the dark - rely on SMS alerts or a text message notification system to keep everyone informed.

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No matter the amount of planning that has gone into an event or task, change is unavoidable. Wild weather may force an event to be rescheduled or cancelled at the last minute. A technical fault may affect an essential service. Traffic issues might result in service disruptions for local public transport routes. Staff illness may require last minute changes to rosters.

When plans change, people need to know - and sooner rather than later. The perfect way to alert people to circumstantial changes instantly is via an SMS Notification System.

Why Use SMS For Alerts And Notifications?

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An alert or notification message can be sent to an enormous number of handsets in a matter of seconds.

SMS is the native messaging program of all mobile handsets; be confident that your SMS notifications will reach all handsets from an old brick to the latest smartphone.

SMS open rates are extremely high; most users will open a text message within minutes.


SMS is simple, quick, and extremely cost-effective.

SMS is immediate and reliable, even in many remote areas.

All recipients will receive the alert at the same time.

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Using an online SMS gateway, it's a breeze to send bulk text message notifications.

Delivery receipting allows you to confirm that your messages have been received.

Text message alerts are far more convenient than calling all involved parties, with much higher open rates than email.

Using an SMS Alert System puts you in control. It can be integrated into your existing software application or be run through our user friendly dashboard. Recipient lists may be predefined, with templates in place to ensure that your emergency broadcasts are sent rapidly.

Use SMS alerts and text message notifications to improve your business processes and become more efficient today.

When to Send Text Message Notifications

No matter how well organised you are, when managing people, there will always be times when rosters need to change. Simplify your rostering and people management communication through the ClickSend SMS alerts tool.

Changes in rostering and room availabilities? Keep your campus or school moving seamlessly with SMS alerts.

Find out more about how the education industry is using the ClickSend suite of communication tools.

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Send SMS

When IT processes fail, systems can descend into chaos very quickly. That's why it's important for notifications to reach the right staff members immediately.

Automate your IT SMS notifications to send whenever a script fails and never miss an important outage (or worse: be alerted to it by your customers).

When events outside of your control affect schedules, use timely SMS alerts to convey information as quickly and far-reaching as possible.

Should storms, fires or extreme weather derail public transport schedules, contact clients and staff with unrivalled immediacy.

Flight delays are one of life's frustrating inevitabilities. Mitigate customer frustration using text message alerts, with SMS keywords.

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Send SMS

If your clients or suppliers need to be alerted to events that occur regularly, our SMS API is a great tool for automating triggered SMS notifications.

Banks and finance companies love using ClickSend to send regular SMS alerts.

Financial advisors and public accountants love SMS for sending notifications and reminders to clients about their appointments, or annual taxation reminders.

Banks use SMS to communicate to customers about their low balance, fluctuations in interest rates, deposits, withdrawals or even fraudulent activity on their account. Further, they can add security to online banking through 2 Factor Authentication.

Automated communication with a large number of employees, volunteers, customers, members and citizens facilitates the mitigation of problems quickly and effectively.

Instant SMS or text messaging is the premium mode of communication for critical messaging. With an SMS Alert System in place, your emergency notification will be delivered immediately. There is no requirement for an internet connection, your message will be received instantly across an array of available handset and device types, and you know your alert will be seen.

Whether you are a multinational company, a small-medium enterprise, a community organisation, a government service or a not for profit, an SMS Notification System will be your best investment.

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Try and see for yourself - there are so many ways that text message alerts and SMS notifications can make your business more efficient.

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