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Send Reminders to Increase Customer Engagement

In today’s busy modern society, it seems there are an infinite number of things to remember on a day to day basis. As a business owner or group manager, you will be more than aware of how frustrating missed appointments can be, costing you money, time and opportunity.

SMS reminder software is the answer. Sending customers and group members text reminders directly to their mobile phones by text message is fast, easy, and there is no more effective yet discreet way to prompt people to keep appointments (and turn up) than by gently jogging their memory.

Send Reminders

By sending out an SMS appointment reminder between twenty four hours and a week before the appointment time, your customer is not only reminded of their appointment, but they have plenty of time to confirm, reschedule, or cancel their appointment. This is not only convenient for them, but for your business also; you can manage and maximise your appointment bookings system and avoid no shows.

Why Send Reminders Using SMS

Send SMS

Low Cost SMS Provider

SMS is one of the most cost efficient methods of delivering reminder communications, and the more you buy the better the rates. Think of how much you save by sending a message for a few cents vs your income lost when a client doesn’t show up. They cost a few cents, they're automated, they're delivered - and they're read.

High Deliverability

Almost everyone has a mobile phone and every mobile phone has SMS functionality. It is less intrusive than a telephone call, and it is opened and read far more quickly than an email. In fact, SMS boasts 98% open rates, the vast majority of which are opened within minutes of being received.

Send SMS
Send SMS

Ease of Use with Bulk SMS Reminder Services

Not only do we offer a super simple communications dashboard for sending SMS, there are plenty of integration partners that can make your life easier. Automate your processes by connecting your scheduling software or customer relationship manager and you can set-and-forget your triggered reminder text messages.

How to Send Reminders via Text Message

Whatever your business, you can benefit from sending text message reminders. Check out some of the common examples we see:

Healthcare : medical centres, dentists, hospitals, chiropractors, physiotherapists

"Hey [First name], just a friendly reminder that your appointment with [Dr Name] is coming up on [Date]. If you're unable to make your appointment please respond 'reschedule' or 'cancel'"

Schools, sporting clubs, community groups

"Hi [First Name], looking for the perfect day out? Don’t forget the [Event Name] is on again this weekend. Support your local community - we’ll be putting on rides, cake stalls and crafts. Proceeds go to the [School Name] School gymnasium restoration. Opt-out reply STOP"

Postal services

"Hi [First Name], just a reminder that your parcel is arriving today. If you are unable to receive the parcel it will be left in a safe place or taken to the local post office. [Company Name]."

Legal entities, lawyers, government

"Hi [First Name], this is a reminder for your court summons. Your appointment is 10.30am Tuesday. Please arrive 15 minutes early to avoid delays. [Company or Department Name]"

Retailers, shops, consumer goods

"Hi [First Name], thanks for preordering the latest Googol handset. Your device will be available for collection first thing tomorrow."

Service providers, utilities, insurance, telecommunications

"Hi [First Name], your [Company Name] home insurance renewal for policy A123567 has been emailed to you. Pay by date due to ensure you remain covered. Regards, [Company Name]."

Beauty and hair: hairdressers, beauty salons

"Hi [First Name], thanks for booking your appointment with [Company Name] Salon. Confirming your appointment tomorrow at [Date And Time] for cut, wash and blow wave. Cheers, [Hairdresser1 Name]."

Banks and other financial institutions

"Hi [First Name], just a reminder that your loan repayment falls due tomorrow. Please ensure funds are in your account to avoid overdrawn fees."

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