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SMS Messaging for Developers, Coders and IT Professionals

In the fast paced technology world, consumers expect things to work and to work quickly. Should anything break, you need to be on top of it - not only with a fix but also with communications and often an ETA. SMS solutions for use within the information technology industry are the perfect way to reduce inbound customer voice calls and emails, and to automate all processes related to workflows. Requiring no additional effort, an SMS alerts system not only saves time and money spent by the company on administration, but it also increases customer satisfaction and engagement.

Developer in front of code on a screen

IT service providers all across the world use SMS IT solutions for such purposes as security, notification alerts, marketing and advertising, product integration, and maximisation of customer service. With the ClickSend SMS gateway you can also track delivery, so you know that your messages have reached your recipients.

Maximise Efficiency of Your Applications with Text Messaging for IT

One of the guiding principles of programming is that any repetitive tedious process should be automated. Get the most out of your current tech stack by integrating with ClickSend and have text messages sent automatically. Check out our integrations page for quick and reliable API integrations or read on for ways our clients use our IT text messaging platform.

Maximize App SMS for Tech Customer Support

SMS for Tech Customer Support

Reduce voice calls, thus reducing wait times and frustration for both customers and operators, by offering text message customer support. No one likes calling to report an issue or get help only to be placed on hold for twenty minutes. The ability to offer customer service through SMS cuts down on the unnecessary waffle, allowing faster, more concise communication. This in turn allows you to get to the root of the issue, find a solution and communicate the solution to your customers much more quickly, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

SMS Critical Message Alerts

When issues arise with important business systems or applications, which affect the functioning of your business, ensure the correct personnel are notified immediately with text messages. Integrate SMS through our powerful APIs to ensure that should something break, an automated notice is sent to your tech department.

For non-critical alerts, you can also integrate the ClickSend transactional email platform so alerts and notifications can be sent automatically on the spot.

Maximize App SMS Critical Message Alerts
Maximize App SMS for Staff Communication

SMS for Staff Communication

The great thing about the IT industry is that workers can often do their job from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection. Reach large groups of remote employees simultaneously with text messaging, confident in the knowledge that your message will reach them wherever they are. Send scheduling information and instructions, rosters and important alerts through our SMS platform.

Software Marketing with Text Messaging

Send SMS details for promotions, events, and special offers, alert your customer base to new software releases, invite customers to upgrade or participate in beta testing through text messaging and access 98% open rates on your message.

Maximize App SMS Software Marketing
Maximize App SMS Authentication and OTP

SMS Authentication and One Time Passwords (OTP)

Use text messaging to send one time passwords to your users in order to protect their accounts and create an additional layer of security for both your users and your applications. Integrate through API for fuss-free one time passwords and two factor authentication.

Narito ang ClickSend upang matulungan kang kilalanin kung paano ang positibong epekto sa paggamit ng mga solusyon sa SMS IT sa pangkalahatang pagganap ng iyong negosyo sa teknolohiya ng impormasyon. Walang mas maginhawa o mas mabisang paraan upang makipag-usap sa iyong mga empleyado at sa iyong mga kustomer, at upang mapagbuti ang kasiyahan ng iyong mga kliyente. Ang pagmemensahe ng teksto sa mobile ay may pinakamataas na rate ng pagtugon ng kahit na anong medium ng komunikasyon, at ginugusto ng karamihan ng mga mamimili ang hindi pagkaabala sa pakikipag-ugnayang ito. Mamuhunan sa isang serbisyo sa pagmemensahe ng SMS para sa iyong negosyong pang IT ngayon.

Some Favourite SMS Templates for the Technology Industry

Use text messaging for all aspects of communication in the information technology industry; SMS for marketing, text messaging for hiring, conveying outages, maintenance or to send important system alerts.

SMS for Technology Marketing and Sales

Hi {first name}, save {discount} on our range of {product}. Get in quick, stock won't last! Opt out reply stop.

Text Messaging for Warranty Repair Collection

Hi {first name}, your {product} has been repaired and is available in-store for collection. As your item was repaired under warranty, there is no charge for this repair. See you soon! {Shop name}.

Service Downtime SMS Alert

Hi {first name}, just a friendly reminder that we will be having a scheduled maintenance on {day} at {time}. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Reply YES if you would like additional assistance during this time. {Company}.

SMS for Tech Issue Resolved

Hi {first name}, just a quick note that service has been restored. If you are still unable to use {service}, please reply HELP to have someone help get you back up and running. {Company}.

Internal IT Text Message System Alerts for Critical Issues

When critical alerts arise, email is simply not fast or urgent enough to get the attention of staff. For critical bugs and issues, which require immediate attention, connect with your team on the channel with the strongest reach.

To create a good alert, it's best to include the alert severity, a description of the alert, time that the error was discovered and information on how to troubleshoot/solve the issue. If information on fixing the issue is a little lengthy for SMS, a link to the error log may be included.

Ensure that your staff do not begin to ignore alerts by only sending error alerts outside of working hours for issues with major business impact. For example, if the error is critical, or fatal with real potential to become critical soon.

Critical/Fatal Error SMS Alert


  • Alert: {alert type}

  • Source: {system which generated the alert}

  • Modified time: {when alert was generated}

  • Description: {issue description}

  • View link: {link to log}

SMS Closed Critical Alert


  • Alert: {alert type}

  • Source: {system which generated the alert}

  • Modified time: {when alert was generated}

  • Description: {issue description}

  • View link: {link to log}

ClickSend is here to help you identify how using SMS IT solutions can positively impact on the overall performance of your information technology business. There is no more convenient or cost effective way to communicate with your employees and your customers, and to improve the satisfaction of your clients.

Mobile text messaging has the highest response rate of any communication medium, and many consumers prefer this uninvasive method of contact. Invest in an SMS messaging service for your IT business today.

Let's Get Started with IT Text Messaging

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